Notes -OR- Commonplace Book

~ Notes ~

Are notes important for job searches? Well, YAAASSS!!

Why? Because we need to gather info in an organized way so that we can recognize patterns, pick up clues, and form our narratives (you know, to pitch to our future employers). And ya need notes like ya need a hammer to a nail, if I may twist the popular saying a bit. Notes are not exactly essential, but they can impact how you would succeed at your job searches.

I wrote about conferences earlier. And, yes. Notes are very, greatly, super important for conferences–and from conferences. YES, you take notes (researching and planning) before attending a conference; YES, you arm yourself with smart info strategically going into a conference; and YES, you take notes during the conference so that you are smarter coming out of said conference and take follow-up actions! In the case of conferences, notes are not just useful; they are essential.

~ Commonplace Books ~

I recently stumbled upon “commonplace books.” 🤯 Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! I have been doing this as well; I just called it “notes”! I jot ideas, concepts, observations, or quotes from books or other experiences in my “commonplace section” in my catch-all (properly indexed) notebook! I know you do it too. What is your version?

I came across “commonplace book” in Ryan Holiday’s article. Turns out, Robert Greene was the first to unveil his note card system; Holiday learned it from Greene, and subsequently popularized it. In short it is a note card organizing system that functions like a commonplace (book). See Ryan Holiday’s article for more about the note card system.

Notes or Commonplace Books?

From what I learned, the Robert Greene method sounds great! I think everyone should consider it, especially because many have proven that it works. However, a notes system is a personal one! It is quite like fashion. Ultimately, you and I stock our own wardrobe. Dear Reader(s), be free! Note cards are not required. Use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING available to you that will fulfill the experience of capturing pieces of information and stringing them together, and ultimately sorting through and extracting the essence out of them.

That said, once you have a collection of notes, review, review, and review. Regardless of systems or forms, be it virtual or hard copies, if the notes, ideas, cool info or any other building blocks for your concepts aren’t reviewed, they will be TRAPPED in the note cards or any other forms–forever. Extract the essence! Free the ideas! Therefore, you have no choice if you want to benefit from your notes, notebooks, or note cards. Ya have to review, review, and review!

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